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I think of all the yesterdays we had,and all the tomorrows that will never come. I think of you and can't help but smile,laugh then cry You were so full of love, I will never forget having known you and been able to be your friend though we were not friends for long. Because sadly now you are gone. I'm great full to have hung out with you,to me you were always a gently giant,with an enormous heart. The first to accept and the last to judge,you had your struggles as we all have. You were a great father. We all only wish we had a dad like you. Sorry only now I tell you. One day we will all see you again, When we do i'm sure you'll say "foo where you been?" We"ll tell you and you"ll go..."Haaaaaa Foooo" Judith Cruz

InnocentI made this site so we can all come and share our memories of chris. I know its hard for all of us exspecially chris family. I hope this help bring a little joy.Everyone is welcome to please share memories ,stories ,videos and photos of chris. Only positive contibutions to this site are welcome this is a site to share the love we all had for chris mata. WE LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!!!! WE MISS YOU!!!!! I still cant believe your gone....
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